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Lawrence v. State

Court of Appeals of Georgia, First Division

June 23, 2017




         Appellant Kendell Lawrence was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, aggravated sodomy, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, involving two successive victims on the same night. After the trial court denied Lawrence's motion for new trial, as amended, Lawrence then filed this appeal. Finding no error, we affirm.

         Lawrence began his crime spree on the evening of December 8, 2011. Sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m., M. M. exited a MARTA bus on Old National Highway near her home and walked to a convenience store, where she purchased snacks using her EBT debit card.[1] After she made her purchases, she started walking down toward her neighborhood when she noticed a vehicle, which she said looked older and was "loud, " speed past her, and a short time later she noticed a man walking toward her. As the man approached her, he told her not to do anything crazy, and she heard a clicking sound, which she said sounded like a gun being cocked. The man asked her if she had money, and she told him she did not have any cash. He then blindfolded her, grabbed her arm, and walked her across the street to a vehicle where they both got into the back seat. After someone else started driving the car, they took her cell phone from her pocket, and then the person in front instructed the person next to her to have her lie down so she did.

         M. M. testified that the car came to a stop about seven to ten minutes later, and she was told to exit the vehicle. M. M. remained blindfolded, but she said that it felt like she was walking through a wooded area down a gravel or dirt road. After a minute they came to a house, and the men helped her crawl through a window to get inside, where she noticed a musty smell. The men walked her upstairs where he instructed her to take off her "bottoms, " which she did. The men then took turns sexually assaulting her vaginally and orally, and M. M. testified that when one of the men put his penis in her mouth, she tasted rubber that she thought was from a condom. A short time later, the men made her use a douche and also gave her a wet washcloth so she could wash out the inside of her mouth. When she finished, she was told to get dressed.

         At some point, the men also asked the victim if she had any money on her EBT card, and they took the card and her backpack. She said they helped her crawl back out the window, and they got back in the car and drove her back to the area where they had abducted her. They removed the blindfold and pointed her in the direction they wanted her to walk and told her not to look back. After she heard them driving away, she ran into a nearby business where she told them she had been robbed and asked for a phone to call police and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend and her mother arrived, and M. M. was transported to Grady, where she underwent a sexual assault examination.

         Later that same night, the second victim, L. W., went to a bar where she worked to meet friends for drinks. She said it was approximately 11:00 p.m. when she arrived, and she parked in a lighted area where she sat in her car to wait on her friends. While she was waiting, she took about $600, her wallet, and credit cards and placed them in the glove box because she did not want to take them inside the bar with her.

         When L. W. saw her friend's car pull into the parking lot, she opened her car door and started to exit her vehicle. She noticed a "raggedy sounding" faded red or burnt orange older model "rodeo" or similar type vehicle pulling into the parking lot. As she was locking her car door from the outside, a man, who she described as approximately five feet seven inches tall and brown skinned, approached her and asked for a cigarette. When she reached for a cigarette, she felt him put a gun to her side. She offered him her purse, and he told her to open the car and that he knew that she had something inside the car. He then told her to get back inside her car, and as she complied, she heard the noisy vehicle she had noticed earlier start up again. She said she was crying and her hands were still shaking so badly she could not drive, and he told her to "get it together, " or that he would kill her.

         L. W. started driving, with the man giving her directions to drive to Old National Highway. He also went through the glove box and took out the money she had placed there. The man also instructed L. W. to go to the ATM to withdraw money from her account with her check card, which she did.

         L. W. returned to Old National Highway, and the man continued to give her directions about where to drive. After about ten minutes, they drove into a residential neighborhood where she noticed a distinctive sign, and they turned onto a dead-end road and came to a stop. The man instructed her to turn off the lights and the car, and she heard someone tapping on the passenger window next to where the man was seated. The man opened the window, and she heard him speaking to the another man, who said they should "dead her." The men then blindfolded her. The second man, who L. W. described as having a deeper voice, then came around to the driver's door, opened it, took L. W. by the arm, and lifted her out of the car. She testified she felt one of the men place a gun against her back, and she could tell when they left the paved surface and began walking on something crunchy, which she saw was pine straw when she peered under her blindfold.

         Eventually, she could hear a window being raised, and she was assisted in stepping through. After leading her up some stairs, they took her to a room where they told her to undress. She said that she could tell the floor in the room was carpeted and that it was damp[2] and had an odor like it was old. The men then took turns sexually assaulting her vaginally and orally. After the men finished with her, the deeper voiced man inserted something into her vagina, and she could feel the liquid going in and running down her legs. She then heard what sounded like water being squeezed out of a wet towel, and she felt someone put the towel in her mouth and wipe out the inside of her mouth. She said that she was then cleaned front to back around her vagina and "behind." They repeated the process, and then they helped her put on her clothes.

         The softer voiced man then took L. W. back to her car, told her to count to 100, and allowed her to drive away. She drove back to the bar where she worked, found her manager there, and called 911. The police came and she was transported to the hospital, where a sexual assault examination was performed.

         After she left the hospital with a male friend who had met her there, she told him that she wanted to retrace her steps to see if she could find where the men had taken her. They were able to find the place where she thought she had been taken, which turned out to be part of the Pine Tree Trail Condominium complex. There, they found that the police were already at the location based on her description of where the men had taken her. She showed police the unit where she had been taken and then took them to the room where she had been raped. She testified there were visible wet spots on the floor where she had been made to douche, and a police investigator said that the physical condition of the location was consistent with what the victim had told police, including the fact that there was no running water inside the condo.

         The evidence also showed that at that time, Lawrence was living in unit 1113 of the Pine Tree Trail condominium complex with his father and father's girlfriend, Jasmine Morgan. The evidence also showed that he owned a red Isuzu SUV, which was usually parked in front of their condo. Deantwan Allen also lived in the condominium complex with his ...

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